EThOS e-Theses Online Service – Is It Helpful In Academic Research?

EThOS e-Theses Online Service
The National Library of England, British Library, offers the EThOS e-Theses Online Service. EThOS is a citing database and a collection of electronic research articles. With about 3000 new thesis records updated each month as of February 2022, EThOS offers access to more than 500,000 doctorate theses from more than 140 UK higher education institutions.

Characteristics Of EThOS:

  • EThOS provides free access to as many theses as possible.
  • It does not contain masters theses but it has many types of doctoral theses.
  • Anyone can access EThOS, you do not need to be an academic researcher for that.
  • You do not need to log in to read theses.
  • A few articles, records, abstracts, or chapter summaries may be printed or downloaded for private use. However, logging in is necessary if you wish to download theses from EThOS.
  • Copies of materials that have been printed or downloaded cannot be sold.
  • It is not possible to print or download full electronic books or issues of journals from EThOS.

Theses Theses Are Offered By EThOS:

EThOS e-Theses Online Service holds the record of innumerable doctorate theses like:
  • Doctor of Medicine theses
  • Doctor of Science theses
  • Doctor of Professional Studies theses
  • Doctor of Engineering theses
  • Doctor of Musical Arts theses
  • Doctor of Philosophy theses
  • Doctor of Education theses

Services Of EThOS In Academic Research:

EThOS e-Theses online service has proved to be very useful for students as well as professors and librarians when it comes to academic research. It offers access to hundreds of thousands of theses that are just a click away from you. EThOS e-Theses online service is helpful in several ways for those who aim to conduct successful academic research. Some of its services are listed below:

1. Easier To Find Theses:

EThOS makes it easier and faster for researchers and postgraduate students to access theses and dissertations. Students can obtain theses and dissertations without having to physically visit the library because these are readily available online. As a result, EThOS helps students save time and effort.

Although a thesis may occasionally be located in another nation, you can obtain it quickly, thanks to electronic availability. In contrast, receiving a thesis in paper form could take up to two or three weeks. Therefore, most of the students tend to download samples from EThOS or a reliable dissertation help provider company.

2. Boost Students' Research Skills:

Postgraduate students are thought to be able to use EThOS programs as a device to enhance their exploration. Preceding theories and records concerned with their field of study would be available to them from throughout the world. As a result, students can analyze the procedures for conducting research, suitable research methodologies, the findings, references and bibliographies, and even the thought processes of other researchers.

You can look for theses that are similar to or relevant to your study topic, then you will not have to start from scratch, rather you can benefit from their theses and continue what they uncovered. Also, there are opportunities for students to receive feedback and recommendations from other researchers who might read their online theses if their theses were made available electronically. Therefore, feedback like that would aid students in strengthening their research.

3. Improved Exposure:

Uploading theses and dissertations on EThOS can aid in their promotion, making the authors of such theses more prominent in their respective domains. Having passage to EThOS e-theses online service allows a larger audience in your field to learn about your study. Your theses will be read worldwide and more people will cite your findings in their studies.

4. Boost Satisfaction:

Unlike going to libraries using the EThOS e-Theses online service ensures that you have gone through or at least seen all the material related to your search keywords. You are satisfied that the research topic you chose has not been discussed before and that there is no chance of plagiarism.

5. Online Libraries:

Libraries will be able to offer their services remotely. This eliminates the need for users to visit libraries, waste time browsing shelves, and make copies of the necessary resources. Additionally, they have access to theses and dissertations at any time, day or night, including after library closing time. The main advantage of EThOS is that you may access information without exerting any effort by traveling, going, returning, mailing, or doing other time-consuming activities from your workstation.

6. Cost Saving:

Digital copies are significantly more affordable to generate than conventional paper-bound versions, thus there is no need to spend money on printing, copying, and binding paper theses. You can read the scholarly theses online or save them on your computer or mobile phone without spending a penny with the help of EThOS.

7. Saving Space:

Modern data storage techniques can fit a lot of data on relatively small storage devices. Adopting EThOS theses online service frees up some shelf space that paper theses and research take. There are too many theses and research papers to store on a single tiny CD or flash memory. Making papers electronically accessible reduces mundane work in the library, too and saves expense, facilities, shelves, time, and efforts.

8. Detecting Plagiarism:

EThOS also assists a critic to locate the original document on the Internet. Plagiarizers will therefore be aware that they will be discovered very quickly. The availability of theses and dissertations electronically promotes and fosters the detection of any unauthorized copying of those theses.

It will be very simple to determine if the information is stolen from other published studies by conducting an internet search. As a result, accessing information electronically will make finding plagiarism and unauthorized copying problems easier than if it is only available in paper form.


In conclusion, there are a variety of advantages of the EThOS e-theses online service. It encourages and motivates the researchers when conducting research for masters and PhD thesis. The EThOS service helps the entire researcher community around the world, not just a selected group of individuals. The adoption and growth of EThOS are seen to be significantly facilitated by these beliefs and a strong appreciation of the advantages. The benefits of EThOS are discovered to be one of the primary motivators for the acceptance and development of further electronic advancement in the area of research.

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